How defaulters cheat on their mortgages: A look at the data

Personal loan defector Scott Kranish told Recode that he had recently sold his home and was living in a hotel.

The data on how much money is owed is also a big problem for borrowers.

He said the numbers don’t add up.

Kranish said he had been in the market for a home for a while, but was hesitant to buy because of the loan repayment penalties that were looming.

He and his wife were considering a condo, but he decided to refinance instead.

Kranis debt is about $3,500, and his payments are now more than $3 million.

Krantish said the refinancing was cheaper than he could have done with a loan.

But, as he’s found out, it’s also the cheapest loan repayment possible.

Kramish said that he has to repay more than half of his debt in full, with interest, every month.

The biggest difference between the personal loan deficer and the traditional lender is that the latter is a bank, so there’s less oversight and regulation of the companies and banks involved.

In the case of the personal lender, Kranys personal loan servicer, he said, is a government-backed entity.

This is what allowed him to pay less than half the debt he owed in full every month for the past 10 years.

“We’re the best.

We can pay for your needs.

We’re the most professional and transparent,” Kranies personal loan director told Recube.

“We do everything to be compliant.”

Personal loan defrauders are also a growing segment of the market.

A study by the consumer credit reporting agency Equifax found that 4.7 million Americans had a debt that was at least five years old.

The numbers are likely higher.

A few people have been defrauding their personal loan servicers for decades.

But many of these consumers have stopped.

Kramish is now one of the few people who still owes the government money on his personal loan.

He says that he’s owed about $8,000, and is struggling to pay it off.

“I just feel like a fraud.

I’m just a fraud,” Kramys said.

“I was just taking out loans that I didn’t have any control over.

I don’t know how you make a living when you don’t have control of the debt.”

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