‘Gross, horrible’: How a mortgage scam has left a woman in debt for 25 years

An ex-councilor of New South Wales is fighting to get a judge to order a $25,000 personal loan repayment she said she has been left with after losing her job and struggling to get by.

Gross was left with $17,000 in debt after being left with a $5,000 loan by a property developer in 2008, when she was 30 years old.

She says she is trying to pay it off now, but says it is still very hard.

“It’s a gross, horrible situation,” she said.

The woman was a counsellor for the state government at the time, but she left her job at the end of 2008.

In January this year, a company called Greenfield Properties sold her the home at 12.15pm on a short-term loan.

It was worth $9,000 at the start of the year.

A few months later, it was worth more than $10,000.

As the loan came due, she lost her job.

Ms Gross has been living on the tips from her loan, and has been on food assistance.

Despite being a counselling counsellress, Ms Gross says she was never given any clear information about the loan terms, and was not told what the repayment would be.

After being asked what would happen to the $5k she was owed, Ms Graff said she was told she would need to repay the balance, but not be paid.

Then, the bank, the NSW Government, the property developer and the NSW Fair Trading Commission all contacted her with the information.

On top of that, the loan company offered to extend the loan, with a guarantee of $5 per month for 10 years.

But Ms Graf said she had no idea about the guarantees until she received an email last month from Greenfield asking for a court order to stop the loan from being repaid.

Greenfield declined to comment on the details of the loan and said it had been in writing with the woman’s financial adviser.

However, she told The World Today the woman told them she was on welfare and had to pay the loan.

“I’ve never had a problem with Greenfield or with them in my life,” she explained.

And she said the woman was never told that the bank had been paid in full, even though she had already been paid a deposit of $3,000 by the company.

At the time Ms Grafe had a full-time job, but the woman had a part-time one and was earning about $15,000 a year, she said, adding that they were never told she was unemployed.

When the woman applied for a bank loan, she was also told she needed to repay some of the money she had borrowed, which she was not allowed to.

Even after her job ended, Ms Graves said she continued to struggle.

“We’re still stuck in debt.

I have to repay my loan because I haven’t got anything,” she told the World Today.

Last year, the woman also lost her home, which had been worth $7,000 and was worth less than $5.

Now, she has had to sell the house in order to pay off the loan as it has not been paid.

“It took a lot of work and sacrifice to get this house,” she added.

This month, Ms Gruff received a letter from Greenfields asking her to repay $25.3, but this was not disclosed in her loan application.

According to her lawyer, Ms Gould is fighting the decision of a judge and is appealing.

‘She had a lot to lose'”In October, the council agreed to extend her loan by six months, with the terms being reduced to three months.

There were no details in the letter about the terms, but Ms Graffe said she understood the terms were reduced.

Yet she was still struggling.”

She had so much to lose,” she admitted.

Her lawyer said the council could have simply put the loan on hold and allowed the loan to go through.

Instead, she says they put her on a waiting list to get an extension.

With her loan still unpaid, she is now living on food aid and cannot pay rent on the property.

To date, she does not have a bank account or a phone.

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