Who is this ‘S.I.N.G.’? Who’s this mysterious person on a secret bank account?

A woman who is now in her 70s was arrested after authorities say she used her personal bank account to pay her personal loan through a hidden account on a government website.


N and other S.I..

N. members were found to have been involved in a scam, in which they allegedly stole a $400,000 loan and then used it to pay a debt on another credit card account.

S&A and a related company are being investigated for their involvement in the scam.

Sinai S.N., which is based in Srinagar, was the only company that paid the loan to a U.S.-based company.

Sara H. has been in jail since March 16 for the alleged loan scam.

She was arrested in the southern Indian city of Kolkata on March 13 after a two-month investigation by police and the U.K. government.

Samantha M. is a senior reporter for The Huffington Report.