What’s the deal with the McDonalds ‘personal watercraft loan’?

I am not a huge fan of McDonalds personal water craft loan.

I am not an expert in personal loans but I do understand the idea of the personal loan and I would definitely not take out a loan for it.

But when I looked into personal loans on the internet, the offer of the McDonald’s personal loan was interesting.

The McDonalds “personal loan” was a one year loan that allowed you to borrow a minimum of $1000 (in my case $1550).

It was very simple.

You would pay $1500 upfront, pay it back in 30 days and it would be yours.

There was no monthly payment or interest rate attached to the loan.

The loan would pay back in full at the end of the 30 day period.

This loan was great for people looking to save money on their personal water and gas bills, as well as those looking to buy something new.

Unfortunately, the McDonald, which had been acquired by McDonalds last year, decided that it would not be a good idea to continue offering the McDonald ‘personal loan’.

It announced in December 2017 that it was cutting ties with McDonalds in favour of selling its burger chain to PepsiCo for $5.8 billion.

In a press release, McDonalds said it was “concerned about the impact the acquisition will have on its business”.

McDonalds also announced that it had decided to exit the watercraft market in the US.

“We are leaving the water-craft industry in the United States for a number of reasons, and the impact of the deal we have announced is not one of them,” McDonalds chief financial officer Peter Lee said in a statement.

McMuffin has sold the majority of its business and is focusing on other business, which include restaurant and coffee businesses.

Its stock has dropped nearly 80 per cent over the last 12 months.

Since taking over the McDonald brand, McDonald’s has introduced the Big Mac, the new Cheeseburger, the McChicken, the Chicken McNugget and the McFish.

It has also introduced the McFrieda, the Big Dog and the Egg McMuffin.

For those looking for personal loans, it is worth considering if the McDonald family has been able to get your back, and if you can afford it.

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