The best credit score calculators

How do you get a good credit score?

Here are the best credit scoring calculators.

(Photo: iStock)What credit score calculator?

How to get a credit score with this one?

I’ve seen a lot of people ask this question on various forums.

The answer is yes, you can use a credit card to earn a credit report, and there are a few credit scoring companies out there to help you get the best score possible.

Here are the top three credit scoring providers out there.

(More: 10 best credit card companies)The Best Credit Score Schemes: 1.

Equifax 2.

Experian 3.

TransUnion 1.

Credit Karma 2.

Bankrate 3.

AvantGard 1. 2.

FICO Scorecard 3. is a financial services company, offering credit reports, credit scores, debt, credit history and mortgage applications.

CreditKarma is a credit reporting company that provides credit scores and debt and credit scores for consumers.

The company also provides credit monitoring services.


The Credit KarmaScore is a tool that is used by consumers to find out whether their credit score is good or bad, and it can also be used by lenders and banks to compare you with others in your credit line.


The FICO score is a product of FICO, a credit scoring company, and can be used to assess creditworthiness based on a number of factors, such as your credit history, past credit scores or income.

It is not available to all consumers, and is used only by those with a credit rating of “A” or “B” or those with an “F.”

FICO also offers a score for consumers with a “Poor” credit score, and an “Excellent” credit rating.


The iReport credit score combines information from a variety of sources, such the Consumer Credit Reports (CCRs) and Experian credit reports.

It can be found by going to iReportCredit.

Com or by visiting a credit bureau.

2. offers scores for credit scores of FIVE different levels: Basic, High, Extreme, and Excellent.

You can find the scores by going through the company’s website or by calling 1-800-CASH-EXPERIENCE (1-800, 4-FOUR, or 888-879-9267).

It also offers scores of the Credit Karma score and the FICOscorecard score.

3:, EquivalencyScore.

Com, and EquivantageCreditScore are all part of Equifax. offers scores ranging from Basic to High and Extreme to High.

You need to contact Equifax to see the score.

The Best Bankrate Credit Scores: 1 .

Experian 2.

Transunion 3.

BankRate 1.

Fitch & Moody’s 2.

CreditSights 3. 2.

U.S. Bank 3.

Experia Credit Scorecard 2.

Fair Isaac 3.

Numeris CreditScorecard 1. 1.

Moody’s 3.

Moodys 3. 1.

UBS Credit Scorecards 2.

Ameriprise CreditScorecards 3.

American Credit Report 3.