Why can’t you buy a home in Melbourne?

A woman in Melbourne is struggling to pay the bills while her bank loan is frozen, with no end in sight to the crisis.

The $1,000 mortgage from the Westpac branch of Bank of America, for a house in the suburb of Fitzroy, has been frozen since July, meaning the property is only worth $1.9 million.

“I think it’s really frustrating.

It’s very frustrating,” Ms Doolan said.

Ms Doolann said her bank has offered her $10,000 of personal loan money for a loan to buy the property, but she is now struggling to find any money to buy.

“It’s almost impossible to get money,” she said.

“There’s nothing in the bank for it, it’s gone.

I just can’t afford to buy, and that’s a big reason I’ve been living on the streets.”

Ms Doodan said she had worked hard to raise the funds to pay her debts and was struggling to keep up.

“This is just a small bit of money I’ve made over the years, but I’ve never had that kind of money,” Ms Vidal said.

“I’ve been working so hard, and I’ve always struggled, but it’s not getting any better.”

My partner has been getting by on welfare and he’s been working very hard and trying to get on and keep up with his rent.

“He’s a lot happier than I am, but he’s still struggling, and this is just one of those times where he just needs to take a few more steps.”

Bank of America said it was working to ensure Ms Doodann received the funds she needed.

“We are working to meet our customers’ needs to ensure they can access and purchase a mortgage on a property in the Melbourne CBD,” a spokesman said.

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